I'm many things, and so is this blog; a miscellany, a collection of things I find interesting or inspiring or (sometimes, probably) distressing. Expect queerness, occasional snippets of wisdom, poetry, and, hopefully, an underlying theme of wonder and the importance of hope.

That's my life in a nutshell.

This is my home state and Portland is my hometown.  I know at least a few people getting married at midnight tonight, and I love my city for doing this.  The second it’s legal for them to be handing out marriage licenses, they will be.  And the city is mobilizing police to protect couples from protesters.

I wish I was there and I had someone to marry.  I’d love to be part of this.

When we won at the ballot box in both my home state and my current home - on the same night - I thought I couldn’t be happier, ever.  In my lifetime, I’ve gone from being beaten up and terrified at school to seeing us slowly gain acceptance.  A minority like ours - making up some 5% of the population - simply can’t win without the support of many, many members of the majority.  And we’re winning.

Our stories are good ones.  We want to work without fear of being fired for no reason.  We want to raise children together.  We want to rent apartments, buy houses, eat at restaurants, stay in hotels.  We want our relationships recognized as legitimate, our families treated like any other family.  We’d really really like it if people would stop saying that we’re pedophiles, or into bestiality, or going to hell, but we can’t legislate that.

Our stories are winning people over.  Those of us who’ve been part of this change - as I have - should be celebrating every tiny victory, because we’ve made them happen.  And because when I was a teenager I never would have guessed I’d be able to be this gay in public without (much) fear.  I never would have dreamed I’d be allowed to get married someday.  We’re winning.

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